Club Benefits

Modern Avionics

Both the Cessna 172 and Diamond DA40 are equipped with modern avionics systems, providing you with the latest technology for navigation, communication, and situational awareness during your flights. The Cessna Interior is scheduled to be update summer 2024. 

Hangared Aircraft

As a member, you'll have access to a diverse fleet of aircraft, including the Cessna 172 and Diamond DA40. This variety allows you to choose the aircraft that best suits your needs and preferences for each flight.

Diamond DA40-180

Diamond DA40-180

Safety & Reliability

Our club prioritizes safety and maintains our aircraft to the highest standards. Both the Cessna 172 and Diamond DA40 are known for their safety records and reliability, providing peace of mind for our members during every flight.


By sharing the costs of aircraft ownership and operation among club members, flying becomes more affordable and accessible. With reasonable monthly dues and access to well-maintained aircraft, our club offers excellent value for aviation enthusiasts.

Recreation & Leisure Flying

Whether you're flying for leisure, recreational purposes, or simply to enjoy the freedom of flight, our club provides the resources and support to make your flying experiences enjoyable and fulfilling.

Online Scheduling & Billing

All aircraft reservations, scheduling and billing is conveniently managed online via Flight Circle. Monthly dues as well as any aircraft rental fees are conveniently billed to your credit card.

Credit cards accepted:

Community & Comaraderie

Joining our flying club means becoming part of a vibrant aviation community. You'll have the opportunity to connect with fellow pilots, share experiences, and foster lifelong friendships with individuals who share your passion for flying. General member meetings are held monthly which includes the latest club updates as well as intersting guest speakers.

Membership is currently OPEN and FMFC is accepting applications for new members. Interested aviators can find more details on our application process here or email our membership chair at to discuss your flying goals.